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          As a young lad in my teens, I became obsessed with photography and its role as a fine art medium. Studying photography as part of my college curriculum in commercial art, I was determined to master both the camera and darkroom. I of course paid particular attention to a Yashica Mat 124G, my first manual twin lens reflex camera and a hand-held light meter.

          I later built both a Minolta and Mamyia camera system that filled two camera bags to capacity. Over the last 20-years, I have traveled the world over seeking to capture nature’s unspoiled beauty. My zest for the South Seas have taken me to magical destinations in the farthest reaches of the Pacific including Micronesia, French Polynesia, Fiji, Australia and her Rain Forrest's as well as the Great Barrier Reef. Our very own Southwest national parks have also held a sort of mystique that has stirred my imagination. Most recent additions include stunning images from Africa and "Charles Darwin's" volcanic archipelago in the Pacific; the Galápagos Islands.

          Today, although I have enjoyed the digital transformation, for my more serious work, I resist relinquishing total control over the camera, and I continue to work primarily in traditional film formats.

          Accumulating more than a dozen coveted advertising creative awards, I spent a good deal of my career in the commercial and fine arts industries. But, it was photography that truly captured my imagination. The everlasting natural beauty of planet earth never disappoints; it is simply inspirational, and I fondly refer to it as “Our Infinite Earth."

          I have mainly sold my creations privately, direct to businesses, and advertising agencies as well as local art consultants. With more than 250 images nested in a dozen discrete galleries, I am showcasing what I consider to be the most visually captivating in this single digital portfolio.  

Ken Reich

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