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          Naturalist Photography by Our Infinite Earth (OIE) is located in scenic bucolic northeastern Pennsylvania and offers a body of work that is both inspiring and visually breathtaking. With a focus on Interior Decorating and Art Consultant professionals, Our Infinite Earth has been in the making for more than two decades. My name is Ken Reich, and as an originator of fine art photographic images, I have created this web portfolio of naturalist subject matter that spans the globe and includes compositions from far off continents and tropical islands, as well as scenes from the most picturesque destinations in the USA.

          From real to surreal, you will find awe-inspiring images from Utah's majestic canyons and arches, to our planet's tiniest creatures. Rich in color and dynamic in composition, they reflect “old school” photographic mastery by controlling lighting and aperture setting, to F-Stop, shutter speed and depth of field. In a nutshell, I resisted the digital tsunami and chose to remain an "old school romantic." With a double lens reflex camera in one hand and a light meter in the other, I began my foray into the world of traditional film photography a half century ago. Throughout my adult life, I have refined photography's art and it's science.

          Shot exclusively with 2 ¼ & 35mm film cameras, the vision of these photographs reflect century old techniques, some inspired by masters such as Ansel Adams, and celebrated adventurer photographer, the late Galen Powell.


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The photo images appearing on this website are all original and are the exclusive property of Our Infinite Earth Photography. As such, they are protected under international copyright law. Any reproduction of these photographs is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to right click copying, downloading, ‘Photoshop’ manipulation and any other means of illegal reproduction and pirating. Any image or part thereof used for any application without the expressed permission of Our Infinite Earth Photography is a violation of copyright laws.

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